Long Weekend During Food and Wine

I have a short (4 day) November trip for myself and my kid DD10 and I need to maximize park time.

Sunday shows as a lower attendance day for Epcot over Animal Kingdom BUT with Food and Wine going on it seems counterintuitive to hit Epcot on a weekend day. Even if it is Sunday.


(Honestly I’d completely ditch Epcot during Food and Wine but Frozen Ever After is a huge priority for the kid.)

I don’t blame you during food and wine festival. Too many people stumbling around and running into you and yours. Now when it comes to Frozen Ever After, it is a waste of your time and if you and your kids like Frozen, go to HS and attend Frozen Sing Along. It is not really a sing along at all though I suppose you could if you wanted to. It is very funny and the kids will love it. Way better than Frozen Ever After.

If Frozen Ever After was the only draw, I’d consider that. But there are some other favorites we gotta hit up at Epcot. I’m not a fan of the Food and Wine crowds but I hear HS is gonna be crazy after August 29. Any idea why? :smirk:

Hit up FEA and the countries early, hit FW after and the crowds wont be as bad there.


I would not go to
Food and wine on a Sunday. Been there done that. Never will
Again. Even at 11 it was packed. If you have another option pick that. And we enjoyed a frozen ride! My girls loved it.

Remember that attendance levels are based on projected ride wait times, not the number of people in the park. With Food and Wine, the park will be packed on a Sunday. I’d do AK for sure.


I second this advice. And also to just pack appropriate expectations. The morning shouldn’t be too bad but people will start pouring into the World Showcase at 11 via both the main gate and the International Gateway. I would not be super worried with a 10 year old as long as she’s probably willing to maybe hold your hand if crowds get too much, etc.


Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, but I believe most of the people will be in this part of HS and not in the main area.

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