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So we have been herefor 3 days and lines has been eerily spot on so far. Posted times have been largely a joke. Inflated by around 33% thereabouts. TT, Soarin, FoP, 7DMT were all laughably greater posted times. Lines was within a few mins.

BTM, Pirates, Na’vi, frozen, remy we ad hoc’d when passing (off plan!) because we purely trusted the lines times (which turned out accurate).

Roll on HS plan tomorrow for RotR roulette

oh and feel free to sell your child for GotG pass. we managed boarding group 5 with 3 of us refreshing at 7AM


Sounds great! Are you using Genie+ ?

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:rofl: Glad y’all are having a great time.

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no genie+, im one of those “against G+ on money grabbing principle” (which makes no sense in disney, yes, i know).


Thanks, me too.

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Me three