Long shot... OKW booking through RCI anyone?

I know this is a long shot, but has anyone ever booked a unit an OKW with RCI? And if so, did you have any success with the room request feature with TP? I ask because the last time I booked with RCI we had one of the farthest rooms from the hospitality house at OKW. I did not use the TP feature and wonder if we were given that location because we’re RCI members and not DVC members.

I don’t know if anyone has a more specific response to your question, but I can share our experience. A couple years ago, I bought RCI points from a work colleague who couldn’t use hers. We ended up getting Saratoga Springs. Once I got the Disney confirmation number, I used that to make requests to the DVC CM using the DVC phone number. This was before the Touring Plans room request by fax, but requesting through the DVC phone number did get us the room we wanted, and I used the Touring Plans room views to choose which room to request on the phone. Good luck.

I don’t think they were punishing you in any way. Those rooms, though they are far, are none the less part of the propery. Someone gets assigned to them nearly everyday.
By the same rationale, we book through a DVC reseller. We’re not owners. I’ve never gotten what I would perceive a bad location, and certainly not based on some sort of discrimination because of booking method.

I truly don’t think the CMs making the room assignments care about stuff like that. And, since you didn’t make a location request, they would have to assume it didn’t matter where you ended up as long as the room type was fulfilled.

That being said, definitely use the TP request next time. You have nothing to lose.

Bear in mind, these are simply requests. There’s no obligation for Disney to fulfill them. In fact, I can think of no other organization that even entertains room requests for their resorts.

Thanks for the tip! I’ve spoken to the DVC CMs but it hadn’t occurred to me to talk to them about a room request. I’ll do that and use the TP room request fax.

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yes thanks. I used the TP request for our last visit (Beach Club) and was very successful. Got the room right next door to the one I requested. The only reason I didn’t use it for the last OKW visit was it simply didn’t exist at the time.