Long running trails

Hey all! My husband is going to be training for a marathon while we’re at the world and will have two longer training runs (12 miles and 14 miles) during our visit. We’re staying at AK Kidani Village and I’m not seeing much info on running trails around that resort. He reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaally doesn’t want to run on the treadmills. Any recs? Can he take our rental car and drive to another resort to use the trails around them? Do any locals know of some good nearby trails?


I don’t believe there is a running trail at AKL. I just completed my trip where a ran once at Art of Animation and once at Poly.
I did about 3 miles each time, twice around the lake at AoA and to the Grand Flo dock and over to the TTC and back while at the Poly. If I was him, I would drive to Wilderness lodge and run the trail to and from Fort Wilderness, it is 2.5 miles or go over to Port Orleans and run along the river.
I’d avoid the Deadmill at all cost.

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You are correct that there are few good options at AKL. For options at other resorts check out this TP blog post which also has links to prior posts http://blog.touringplans.com/2014/03/09/run-world-art-animation-pop-century/

My DH is an avid marathon runner and always does the trail at WL, he usually has to loop a few times! He hates treadmills too :grinning:

When I was a college programmer a good friend would run to work once a week for her long run. She would run along World Drive. I don’t recommend that, but she would also occasionally run the golf courses early or late. I doubt that she asked permission. I remember that LBV was her favorite, and I’m not even certain it is still called that. I could also see starting at DS, running out to 535 and back (shaded and sidewalks) then around SS and around that area. He could even run the perimeters of the parking lots at the hotels around DS whole he is doing it.