Long-Range Planning: Dance Competition 2020

At the start-of-year dance competition team meeting at DD9’s studio, the studio director (and our neighbor, who is also a bug Disney fan) mentioned the possibility of attending “nationals” at Coronado Springs Resort in the spring of 2020.

Now, it’s only a hint at this point, no commitment, but clearly I’m a compulsive planner, which is why I’m here. :blush:

We’re going to need two rooms, as, assuming the whole family goes, there’s 5 of us (at the time of travel: myself, the Mrs., DS15, DD13, and DS13) and the max occupancy at CSR is 4, and a brief web search indicates that similar packages include CSR or the All-Stars as resort options.

Does anyone have experience with this kind of package? What kind of room/ticket discounts are typically included, and how does the actual event itself work with combining it as a family vacation? Trying to just get a mental framework together so I can start the roughest of rough draft plans.

Not sure what you’d be looking at in terms of prices for a competition discount but don’t discount just booking the room yourself through Disney as you could book a room at POR or CBR which will accommodate 5 and mean you’d only have to have one room if you’re trying to save money.

Well, we did connecting rooms at All-Star Sports last trip and that worked well (and having a second bathroom never hurts!), so if budget is tight we could look into that option.

Another option would be placing DD-then-13 in another room with her teammates, though I’d prefer it would be one with a mom in there as DD is autistic (but is mainstreaming bit by bit), then we’d just need a room for the adults and the boys.

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Another option, that some would poo poo would be to join up with another family that you know and get a big house off site. You can rent really really nice 5 and 6 bedroom homes with private pools and full kitchens, game rooms, etc for the price of a moderate resort. Plus with a big house you can split the cost with another family so it becomes even cheaper.

Good point. It will depend on whether we plan to make use of resort guest amenities (EMH, etc.), of course.

I’d be surprised if our actual dancer (DD) wouldn’t be required - or at least strongly encouraged - to stay on-site as part of the team package, though. But no reason I know of the rest of us would have to be restricted to that.

Of course, this is all rampant guesswork without knowing any of the package details, or if we’re even doing it! :dancer:

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