Lombards Cinematic Spectacular question


Has anyone booked this in the past and if so, what are you thoughts on this? Can you choose anything from the menu; is the seating good? is it worth it? Thanks!


No it is not worth it. You can see the spectacular from any area around the lake and you will have no problem finding a place to see it. It is a very dated show with lots of film clips from the last 50 years. My kids (14/11) didn't recognise most of the films. Either get some butter beer ice cream and watch from around night bus area/ MIB bridge area or grab a beer at simpsons and sit there.
Can't remember if the Lombards package is full menu but I think it is a reduced menu. You are best to eat early then you return later for desert and coffee during cinematic spectacular. Fireworks are minimal ( restricted due to residential area) and we hit up the rides instead of watching it.
Have a look on youtube to get an idea.
Would suggest Finnigans for TS meal instead.


Grabbing a beer at Simpsons sounds like a plan! I'm not a big seafood fan anyway. I will check out the youtube video. Thank you for your suggestions! :relaxed:


Definitely not worth it. Food is only so-so.... desserts were pitiful... and you can see from anywhere. I definitely would not do this again.


So glad I asked, sounds like it's not worth the money or time! Thanks!


Thank you for asking this question, this will be our first trip to Universal and I was wondering about this as well. Thanks everyone for the reply's!!