Logo gone funky?

On at least the web based version of these forums, I noticed this morning that the Touring plans logo at the top of the page is not as crisp/clean as it once was. Anyone noticing this?


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Looking crisp on my browser.


It’s a little blurry I guess but I think it’s been that way for a bit? You can see that a teeny tiny bit of the circle is cut off

Oh wow I see @JJT 's reply and his looks great

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Yeah. That’s how I’m used to seeing it. I’m not sure when it went “blurryish”, but I noticed it this morning.

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All righty - I just opened the site in another browser I haven’t used and it IS blurry there.
Guessing this browser with the clear image probably has it cached from previous sessions.


I’d argue mine is even crisper than @JJT. Not that I’m competitive or anything :wink::rofl:


On the phone, I’m not noticing the blurriness. Just on the desktop version.

That’s quite likely.

Still seems ok on the desktop view (although I am on a phone looking at the desktop view rather than on an actual desktop)

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I’ve tried it now on a different computer, AND a different browser I’ve never used. Logo is blurry there was well.

I mean…how can I be expected to work or talk about Disney trips in these conditions???


Oh I don’t think anyone is expecting WORK!! :laughing:

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JJT made staff aware of this, and I appreciate it. I can’t reproduce this, though, and I don’t think it’s having a major impact on forum use right now.

If you’re able to better describe/understand what’s happening, I can try to bring up the issue with the forum software vendor. However, there’s only one image like this (https://forum-cdn.touringplans.com/uploads/db9299/original/3X/f/f/ff64c806be38799067a2d30a38fd19bc36959278.png) stored on the site, and I’m not sure why a browser would opt to display it differently. Maybe it has something to do with screen resolution or zoom level.

The issue happens across computers and browsers for me. I even opened the site on a browser I’ve never used, and the same issue. So, I think the issue is at the backend, not rendering at the browser. (A browser rendering the image fine is likely, as @JJT mentioned above, due to caching the cleaner image.)

You are correct that it is NOT a major issue in the slightest! Only that something seems to have changed recently affecting this.

ETA: As an experiment, I downloaded the image directly from the header on the page and viewed it. There is no degradation. So the stored image file is fine as well. Perhaps the way the HTML code is trying to scale the image is a problem?

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A PNG file doesn’t usually degrade over time while a JPG is subject to compression algorithms.

We have a rule at work to only use PNGs in our presentations because the corporate default Office setting compresses the file every time it saves. :roll_eyes:

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Same here. Browser version is blurry and the top and bottom of the circle in the logo is chopped off. Like it was “zoomed” in on, if that makes sense. Looks perfect on my phone.

I noticed in the HTML source that the image is contained within a DIV that is part of a style sheet. So, makes me wonder what the style definitions are at play, and if something changed there.



(I’m just sayin)


Little known fact…they modeled that emoji after me. :wink:

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I can almost see that.

Ha! I sometimes send this to my family, but usually it ends up being me that’s the nerd.