Logistics - One person with mydisneyexperience login required?

We are just now working on our vacation set for October- being new to the fast-pass system, I have a simple or maybe complex question. There are too many cooks in the kitchen for this vacation (extended family is coming)… how does the fast-pass system work when actually in the park (or pre-planning/booking)… i.e., if everyone has a my disney experience login, can we all edit the fast-passes? Or is there one person that has control over the fast-passes? I don’t want to pigeon-hole the bands and planning into one account if I can… or if it must happen, I’d rather it be on my phone, as I’ll likely be playing the system using the crowd calendar etc.

Can anyone discuss how the logistics actually work? Does one person need to be in charge of the fast-pass system for the days, can the accounts be altered by many apps (grandparents etc.)?

Thank you for your help and thoughts! I really appreciate it!

ps- I hope I explained it well above- if not, let me know!

OK -
IF you REALLY wanna be in charge of all of the fastpasses, and adr’s,I’m pretty sure you can. If I could figure this out for my trip, you will be able to do it with no issue. Just go on the mde site. I did it on a desktop when I blocked out a little while to figure it all out.

I think the skeleton outline is - you create an mde accct. You link everyone’s ticket to the account. You create a profile for each person for their ticket, and then you add that person/ticket to “Your Party,” or “Your Family.” There might be another step in there to add rights to your account to make the fastpasses for everyone, but really, the instructions on the site were simple, imo. And if they’re simple for me, trust me, anyone can do it. I only had a party of three, but I got everything done very quickly, and then choosing fp’s and making adr’s was simple.

After everything was linked up, it was easy to select EVERYONE in the party for a single fastpass, or to only select certain members of the party for a fastpass, or MODIFY fastpasses for everyone or modify select members.

If you want multiple ppl to have “the power,” I’m not sure about that, but I’d guess the site will have a decent explanation of what needs to be done. It might be as simple as having another person set up an account, and then selecting parts of your party, or all of them, but again, I’m guessing this is explained on the site. The instructions I used were simple, didn’t take long at all before I was up and running.

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Excellent, Seebee! I appreciate your help and suggestions! My main worry was if we had the kids for part of the day or split off and then there were fast-pass issues/re-schedules. Certainly don’t need to control Grandma’s tickets- but she might find it easiest if we click all for the fast-passes on certain rides. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much again for your help!

I would have each core family set-up their own MDE and then link everyone as friends and family. I just did this with a group of 10 (3 core families). BRother had an MDE with his family, I had a MDE with my family, and sister had an MDE with her family. I made everyone’s initial FPP for those things we were doing together. Each core family could go in and adjust FPP later. So if uncle David took all the kids while Aunt Sara and I hung out at the pool bar, he had access to everyone for FPP selection. You can make FPP for anyone listed in your friends and family list in MDE. With large party I would think it is best to have a few people with MDE incase the group splits.

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Hi AuntB!

This is a great idea, thank you for your suggestions! I’ll check it out on MDE! We definitely will need something like this setup incase there’s a spit in the party. Sounds like a great setup!

Thank you!