Logistics issue (for the good) WWYD? Of

Adding 1 night to the beginning of my trip. 11/28-11/29. Arriving MCO 8pm. WWYD?

A) stay close to airport, shuttle back to airport and hop on DME morning of 11/29 (cost $100)

B) stay in airport hotel, walk down to DME in the morning (cost $150)

C) arrive 11/28 @ 8pm and Uber to a DS hotel. Walk to DS after checkout and catch resort bus. (Cost $125)

D) Stay at Swan, Dolphin, or Pop for the night and walk or Skyline to a park in the morning to get to resort (cost $200)

*** Edited to add option “E”***

E) Get pixie dusted by a kind hearted fairy with a stay in a wonderful studio @ AKL

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B most bang for buck IMO, least running around, best overall effect


I agree. Since you’re arrive so late, it doesn’t really matter where you stay. Airport hotel sounds most convenient.

I would say “B”, wouldn’t seem to be as rushed when you just get in.

Right. Best case scenario you’re at the on-site hotel 9:30 or 10 (assuming everything is on time and operational), and IMO that’s not worth it for the extra cost and rigmarole


I’d go for D. I always like to get logistics handled the night before and wake up near where I want to be for the day. If there are unforeseen problems, they will happen the night before and won’t impact your Disney time.

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Agree with this, D for me. I’m willing to pay a bit extra to be in the bubble a bit earlier, even though I wouldn’t do anything in the evening. more time in the morning too.

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Are you staying at a different resort for the subsequent nights? If so, I’d go with B as well. Easier the night you arrive and then you can head straight to your resort on DME the next morning.

If you’d be staying at the same resort for that first night as later nights, then I’d go with D - then there’s no need to transfer anywhere.

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D If you do Pop can’t you have them move your bags for you so you can go to a park earlier and then show up at your room later when it’s ready and hopefully your bags will be there.


Did you look to see if you could grab a DVC rental for the night?

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Yeah, but fidn’t find any for 1 night.

I’m not sure where you’re staying the rest of the time, which impacts my answer. Also, the number and age of the members of your party.

Assuming this is a solo trip, out of the options you listed I’d probably go with A. But that’s my personality - I tend to try to save money unless it will significantly effect my experience to spend more. Taking an extra shuttle doesn’t seem like a big deal, given there are no littles to drag along and you wouldn’t be getting to the park early regardless.

But if I could, I’d probably try to stay at the same resort as the rest of the trip, even if it meant I had to change rooms. That would mean that I could get to the resort the evening before and not have to take a bus to get to my resort in the am, saving significant time that could be spent in the park instead. Since it wasn’t listed, I’m guessing that is not an option for you.

Could you do D except have the hotel transfer your bags so you could go directly to a park, rather than stopping at your resort on the way?


@Olafsdad, I don’t know how your alerts are set but please check your messages.

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@PrincipalTinker, I just woke up to seeing that message. Rubbed my eyes a few times to make sure I wasn’t dreaming and sent you a response (Lol)

What are you bringing for luggage? Outside of DME, the buses don’t usually have people with suitcases. If you have a backpack, that’s not a problem. We’ve done A with no problem, but D sounds a lot simpler, especially with Disney moving your luggage and only $100 more than A.


She’s a bit of a DVC fairy, that one :wink:



I saw a plan E :wink:


Indeed she is :blush:

I see plan “E” now as well :wink:. Most gracious and eager to pay it forward


I know I’m late but… plan E!