Logging in kinda weird

I’ve been noticing recently that sometimes I’m asked to log back into the forum on my laptop. In the past, once I’ve logged in, I generally stayed logged in.

Anyhow…the weird part is that if I hit the login button, it takes me to the new Touring Plans home login. I enter the login information, and it logs me in there, but doesn’t take me back to the forum. Instead, it takes me to the Touring Plans home screen. So, I go through the hamburger menu to get to the Forums, and once I am there, it shows that I am NOT logged in still. BUT, if I THEN click the login button in the corner again, it immediately logs me in (doesn’t actually have me enter the login info again).

This has happened to me three times this week.



It’s happened to me too. Not every time, but a few.

I also get logged out randomly since the updates, which didn’t happen before. Plus, the site frequently won’t load at all.

Has happened to me as well :people_hugging:

This happened once.

I’m still experiencing this issue. It doesn’t appear to have been fixed yet.