Loews Royal Pacific Resort

Going to add on a couple of days at the above hotel after 2 weeks at Disney (fri-sun) and the crowd levels are to be US 2/5/4 hours 8-5pm with early entry at 7am. IOA 2/2/3 hours 9-8pm

Would you do a TP for this or not needed?

It’s 2 adults and an almost 3yr old. What rides can the wee one do? I know it won’t be many?

What’s your top tips for hotel room request and in the parks in general? Only done universal once before and the weather was awful (just bad luck) and had to head back so hardly did anything…


By staying at Royal Pacific, you will get Unlimited Express Passes, so there is no real need to make TPs. However, I still like to make them just to get a general idea of where the busy areas will be at what time of day. Since you haven’t been there often, making the TPs will help give you a good flow for your trip and help you see what areas you might want to avoid at certain times. Once you do that, you can basically throw the TP out the window and do whatever you want. You have low CLs to begin with and then the wait time for EP lines is generally 1/3 the wait time of standby. You will be in great shape.

The wee one can do the rides in Suess Land in IOA, as well as the play area and Pteranadon Flyers in Jurassic Park. There are also shows that might be enjoyable. USF will have shows as well, plus some play areas back in the kids zone.

I only made a room request once for a Universal hotel and it wasn’t honored, so I stopped after that. Unlike Disney, where the hotels can be very spread out and very far away from bus stops, I don’t find Universal hotels to be so huge, and thus, I, personally, feel location is not as much of an issue. I might try to avoid overlooking pools in case it gets too loud, but that’s about it. At Royal Pacific, you can walk to the parks along a beautiful walking path or take the water taxi to the parks.

My only real advice for touring the parks is that if you are going to explore the Harry Potter areas, do those early in the morning and later at night. Try to avoid them at midday, as even with low crowds, they can get very, very congested. Being in the areas with fewer people makes them much more enjoyable.


I can tell you that a specific TP is definitely not needed because you will have the unlimited express pass. You just need to have a general idea of what you want to do…a general flow for your day…and you should be good. We didn’t travel with such small littles, but our general flow was to do HP in the park that had the early admission, then leave HP in that same park and do the rest of what we wanted to do there. Then we would ride the HE to the other park, do HP there, and then the rest of that park before calling it a day. If you want to do the water rides you will get SOAKED. Maybe plan them just before a break or just before leaving for the day so you can go straight back to the hotel and change (or swim as long as you are already wet…).

I’ve not been with a 3yo before, so I can’t answer that question.

I stayed at Royal Pacific last fall, and it was wonderful to be able to walk to the parks. Maybe request a room that is close to the walking path?