Loews Royal Pacific Resort Adding people at check in

Has anyone here booked a room with two adults and then tried to add two more at check in? I’m fine paying for the extra adults, I just don’t want to do it unless they actually want to be in the room and we won’t know that until day of.

Unrelated but have to share: This hotel’s shorthand (rpr) is the same as the shorthand for the test for syphillis. It makes me do a double take every time I see it


The biggest issue I could see is if they assign a room with a King and there are no rooms with 2 queens available. THEN there will be a big problem.

Could also be a problem if the hotel is at capacity (which can be less than every available sleeping space).

I can’t figure out what RPR is…

Royal Pacific Resort

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Ah… I don’t speak fluent Unibreviation.

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I’m limited in my abilities as well but I do know that one

over a year ago we stayed at POFQ and my MIL joined us at the last minute. The front desk was annoyed cuz they had no way to charge for her car (parking) after the fact (we were honest but their system was at fault not us ;-). We had a room w/ two queens so we were ok w/ beds. they didn’t charge us extra…

You should pay for a third adult in the room.

yes, but they didn’t charge us… IDK Y… She arrived a day into our stay. She would have been the 3rd adult

Yes if they knew and didn’t charge you, that’s great! Usually they do so people need to be prepared for that.

oh we were grateful! We expected to pay more, we went to the front desk to settle up and make the adjustment. They weren’t unhappy about the extra body just the parking LOL

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We’ve added one adult at check-in with no issues. Back when Orbitz/Cheap Tickets offered good discounts there was no way to book more than two adults. I dont remember the fee, maybe $15 a night?

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