Loews Royal Pacific Club Level Menus Posted - Nov 2016 Trip

For folks that are interested - here are the Loews Royal Pacific Club Level Menus from our trip in November 2016. Hopefully I upload these correctly so bear with me :).

Royal Club Breakfast Menu.pdf (374.8 KB)

Royal Club Fall Menu 2016.pdf (162.0 KB)

Royal Club Snack Menu.pdf (374.7 KB)

Welcome Letter 2016.pdf (96.0 KB)


Thanks! Great info!

Updated menus

I added these for chat


Thanks for these! Will show dsil. Think it might be a good plan for us.

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My sister was concerned about “Italian Night” but she was shocked how how she loved everything. Other than the food, the staff was amazing! What I didn’t expect was that there was tipping of the CL staff. I have stayed at five different Disney CLs and never felt I should tip. We tipped here.

Being British, USA tipping is a whole minefield for us!
Only CL we ever had was complementary at Hyatt GC when DH was organising a conference- we didn’t realise we cld go in for bfast & thru day until day 3 :woman_facepalming:t3:
What sort of amount tip is appropriate? And when?!

I don’t know if it is expected. I saw some guest from Britain that seem to bring chocolates for all the staff? We tipped nightly when we got beer and wine (about $5-10 a night). Our last night we tipped an extra $20 to CM that helped up with some information (she also worked at Hagrids). I honestly don’t know if we were under or over tipping, it just surprised me!

Anyone have an recent menu?

September 2021

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