Lodging Reservations and MDE

I took the advice of TP and made a preliminary lodging reservation for a room only at the Contemporary for Dec. I have now acquired DVC reservations at BLT. I want to link the BLT reservation to MDE account but don’t know if it is possible to have two reservations for the same time in MDE. I don’t want to cancel the hotel yet since I am kind of nervous that the DVC might fall through. We used a broker and have a signed contract, but still, I am nervous. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

if it is room only - I THINK you can cancel with no penalty until 3 or so days prior to arrival. So I think you can jut chill for a bit.

Room only ressies can be cancelled up to 5 days in advance with full refund.

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Thanks for the responses. Do you think the following plan will work? Make ADR and FPP reservations under the room only that I have booked at the Contemporary and linked to MDE. Then cancel that room only reservation at a later date and link my DVC reservation to MDE. Will this affect my ADR and FPP reservations? Thanks for all your help.

No affect on your ADR since they are linked only to your MDE. No one needs a room to make them in the first place. Make sure all your ADRs are within 180 days before cancelling the room.Your FPP are linked to your tickets, not a room. Make sure all are within 60 days before you cancel.

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