Lockers at Disney Springs?

Are there lockers available to rent at Disney Springs? If so, are they big enough to hold a standard roll-aboard carry on suitcase? We want to hit Disney Springs before heading to the airport on our last day, but we generally never check bags and will have our carry ons with us. I’d like to avoid rolling them around all day, if possible.

Bell services will store them for you at your hotel. I know for sure Disney hotels do this, but pretty much every other place I’ve ever stayed has a spot for keeping luggage for departing guests. I have never seen lockers at DS, but I wasn’t looking for them either and a lot has changed there lately.

Thanks – I did know that already, and I should have said so to avoid confusion! Unfortunately, we specifically want to avoid having to return to the hotel before going to the airport (we’re not using the Magical Express), so that won’t work for us.

According to the maps, there are no lockers at Disney Springs. Further, none of the lockers available for rent anywhere on property would be large enough for a roll-aboard.

Thanks much. Guess our best bet may be to pay to check the bags even though they’re small enough to carry on.

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