LL Questions because my head is spinning!

Doing a day trip to HS on 4/10. Plan to purchase Genie+ at midnight on 4/9. I know I can select LL times at 7am, but can I also purchase an Individual LL for RoR? Can I purchase that ahead of time? In my touring plans it asks me to select a return time? Sorry! There seem to be so many changes since our last visit in June and I’m cramming planning into 17 days when I normally start planning a year in advance!

Hi, if you’re staying on site you can purchase RotR ILL at 7 am. If not you’ll have to wait to purchase your ILL when the park opens (it’s possible it might be sold out).

You will be able to book your LL at 7 am.

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Suggest you read post 1 in the main Genie thread for the basics.


Everyone can purchase Genie+ (the paid application that allows you to book regular LL) after midnight on the day of use, if you are wanting to buy only one day at a time. Don’t wait until 7:00 a.m. to do it, because sometimes there are IT issues/glitches and it takes a bit to make it go through, so maybe try to buy it at 6:30 a.m.

At 7:00 a.m. everyone can book 1 regular Genie+ LL. You cannot pick the time for the LL.

Also at 7:00 a.m., only people staying onsite can purchase ILL. You select the time for the ILL. You can buy a total of 2 per person per day, whether 2 at one park or 1 each at 2 different parks.

People staying off site, have to wait until the official park opening to buy their ILL.

All LL and ILL can only be bought/booked on the day of use. Nothing can be done on earlier days.


This all makes it so hard to create a touring plan in advance. :cry:


I’m really struggling with our June trip, I was one in previous trips that had all of our days completely planned out ahead of time. It was so nice, made for such a relaxing trip. We always used the plans as rough guides and let the kids dictate our pace, but just having the plan was so nice.

We have two families going in June, staying together, linked under MDE. If I buy one morning, does my card get charged or does MDE charge each card according to family members? Also, with kids ranging from 7-17, can we separate LL choices Even within each family? Thanks

Same! I completely agree!!!