LL Modification Questions

Hello All,

This will be our first trip where you are allowed to modify LL selections. Looking for the following clarification on LL modifications and a second question related to booking LL before the park opens.

  1. Does modifying a LL reset your 2 hour window if it is your most recently booked LL?
  2. If you book at 7:45am, does the 2 hour window end at 9:45am or is it reset at 8am when the park opens?

Is this scenario possible:

  1. After the turnstiles at 7:45 book Indiana Jones (IJ) for 8:30.
  2. At 8:00 start knocking out everything we want to do in Fantasyland.
  3. At 8:20 modify IJ for a 10:30 return time.
  4. At 9:45 (2 hours from 7:45 booking) book Micky/Minne Runaway Railroad (MMRR) for a 10:50 return time.

Thank you in advance for any replies!


Modifying does not reset the window. And it’s 2 hours from booking, not 2 hours from park open.

So yes, that sounds possible. Going from Fantasyland to Adventureland and then back to Toon Town wouldn’t be my first choice though. I’d look to push IJ further out.


Thank you for the information!

Can a LL be modified at DL within the RT window? If so, does that extend to the 15 minute grace period, too?