LL Live Online

I’m working on my TPs for early March and suddenly there is an “Advanced Option” that allows you to add LL times.

Obviously these would only be estimates, but I thought I’d report what I’m seeing.


I might have a play with it today.

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I think I saw a blog post that mentioned that, but I haven’t read it yet. We’re also planning for early March.

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Look Here: New in Lines: Add Lightning Lane Times in Advance – TouringPlans.com Blog


Yes! It’s fun to play with but actually didn’t line up with any of my actual LL times.

The LL time you add is not then easy to delete - you have to modify it to say that you want to ride that ride 2 times, mark the one with the LL time as “done” or change the LL time to sometime out of your TP window. I tried trashing the ride together and adding again - but it wants to hold onto that LL time.

The other thing I found is that TP will put a LL at the end of your window when maybe you’d rather tap in early and grab something else. But it can’t optimize for the unknown next LL.

The enter and optimize as you go would be great if you tell it you are slow at walking and minimize walking over minimizing waiting AND also if TP has the right crowd level. Having higher than anticipated crowds threw my in park TP use all off.