Living with the Land

Do you think a FPP is ever necessary for LwtL? We are eating at Garden Grill at 5:30, and I’d like the kids to go through the attraction beforehand. I was also hoping to hit Test Track that afternoon (sleep in and pool morning). I was planning to get FPP for both, but I just saw that LwtL is Tier 1.

Living with the land can have wait time spikes in the middle of the day, and especially as people exit soarin. I think TT is going to be your best use of tier 1 FPP. And if LWTL is too crowded when you first get there, you can always check again at the end of the meal. TT lines are just always longer


We had a GG reservation for 5:30 and went on Living with the Land right before. This was last November. No wait time and we walked right on. I would not recommend FPP with all the other big rides that are Tier 1s. Just make sure you get over there in time and check wait times on the Lines and MDE apps. We did have a bit of a wait for our reservation at GG, and there was not a lot of space to wait. However, we loved GG and my kids can’t wait to go back!


Thank you! I think I will get a TT one. I’m not sure anyone will even want to ride it again (we are going earlier in the week), but if not, it sounds like I could probably get a FPP for the Land if we decide to skip TT.