Live trip report day #9 (the very last day)

This was our longest trip to disney ever, the most fun, and the most relaxing. I actually felt okay leaving today. I did spend most of the tragical express ride looking for hotel rooms for a quick trip in November (shhhh! Don’t tell DS bc it will be a surprise) so maybe It’s not the duration of the trip but the expectation of returning but who cares!

We got up a little late after last night’s pirates and pals transportation debacle (I still don’t know exactly how that got so out of hand) so we missed the MK welcome show but we made it by 9:30 and, yes, the park was as UNcrowded as everyone has been saying. We did our SDMT FPP (the standby was only 40 minutes) and then had a great time just doing whatever we wanted for our last day. This included PPF (with a FPP), pooh, barnstormer, splash mountain (with FPP), and the magic carpets. We also got some le fou’s brew, met donaldo, goofini, Minnie, and daisy, splashed around a bit, ate lunch, watched Gaston and sherif chip & dale, and did a lot of shopping. Oh, and we watched the castle show from a bench arriving only 7 minutes early with an excellent view. No big crowds makes a huge difference! The move it, shake it, celebrate it parade came by while we were shopping so we just went outside and watched in the front row on the curb with no advance waiting. We almost were first in line for mary Poppins but DS was really. Obsessed with getting one of those long straw thingies with the colored sugar in them. Oh to be 6 again! I tried it. It was disgusting. We used up the last of our snack credits on goofy’s candy and some Halloween candy and said goodbye to magic kingdom. So sad. But, as I said before, less so than I thought it would be.

Then we waited about forty minutes for a bus back to beach club. I don’t know what it is about those busses. We were very lucky in catching them TO the parks but leaving MK was always a long wait. Why? And how? There were so many people waiting by the time the bus actually arrived. The wait for a bus at 2pm was officially longer than the wait for SDMT at 9:45am. Not the same experience. Let me tell you. A crowded bus out of the magic kingdom on a 90F+ day at 2pm is not nearly as good as SDMT. I shouldn’t complain, though, we had great company on all our bus adventures this trip. If any of you are liners, thanks for chatting with us! You all made our trip a little extra magical! I have the super blonde little boy who is usually bossing someone around or telli them exactly how “it” is or how “it” works (“it” being whatever they were talking about to their families before he interrupted them).

Back at BC, we went to the arcade and had a lovely time spending some money. GM had been at epcot all morning (I bet you could have guessed that after the last few days!) and she met us back around 3:30. DS spent the next hour dropping his new parachute spider man toy (he won it with tickets from the arcade) from the second floor balcony of the beach club atrium. It may not have been an appropriate thing for him to do but I knew he was tired and I was tired so I largely ignored it. Sorry to have been a less than awesome parent if you were one of the people who had a parachuting spider man land on your head, foot, arm, luggage, etc.

The tragical express was right on time as usual. Hmmmmm. Maybe they should have them run the park transport busses. From there our trip was probably just like anyone else’s. We checked our bags, got food, discarded all our liquids, and then chose the slowest of the slow security line. Murphy’s law is alive and well in airport security land. Then rushed to our gate and boarded our plane.

I knew I wasn’t at disney anymore when it took 90 minutes for someone to bring around drinks on the plane and then our flight attendant didn’t pick up the garbage until after they told us to put our trays back up. She then proceeded to walk down the aisle asking for any garbage and admonishing everyone for not having out their tray tables up yet. Seriously? Oh well. Slamming into real life like a hitting a brick wall at 60mph. Now we are home safe and DS finally acquiesced and went to sleep. GM is watching something on TV and I am about to close my eyes too. DS needs to go to his dads for the last day of summer vacation tomorrow morning and I need to see patients in the afternoon.

I’m hoping to edit these and add pictures when I have a moment sitting down at a computer in the next few days. I hope you had a little fun following our trip. I love reading trip reports so I wanted to give back a little. Now it’s your turn to write one for us to read! Thanks for reading along!


What a great trip! I really enjoyed following along!

Loved following along, thank you for letting us!!!

I hope re-entry isn’t too rough today. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

Re-entry is not fun. Could be worse. But it is definitely not fun.

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Awesome trip report! Thank you for sharing!!

Loved reading these! Thanks for taking us along!!

Thanks for posting about your trip!

This was awesome - so happy your trip was wonderful! Thanks for sharing! :smile: