Live trip report day #6

Good evening, liner friends. Day #6 seems like my trip is ending soon! But it has been awfully fun.

This morning started late. I let DS sleep in until 8:30 and then we went to the boardwalk for breakfast. The egg and bacon sandwich is delicious if anyone is interested.

We spent the whole morning at SAB. Man, I cannot say enough about that pool. It's not a waterpark and it's not a regular pool. It is something all it's own that is awesome. This was followed by a quick shared lunch from the marketplace (another quinoa vegetable wrap chosen by DS6) and left for the MK at about 1:30. Well, we left for the bus stop anyway. The wait wasn't too bad (15 min) but then it was a quick trip over to the MK just in time for...... The rain.

It poured while we were going through bag check and the tapstiles. We all got soaked down to our underwear and then rode the train to frontier land in hopes of getting a good place to watch the FoF parade. This parade was one of my personal must-dos on this trip. Unlike almost everything else at disney, I refused to watch videos of the parade ahead of time because I wanted to see it live for the first time. I pt was really hot, we were soaked but the sun was coming out and the rain stopping so I was excited. Sadly, in a very unmagical moment, the parade was cancelled. And then it was sunny for the next hour. They totally could have had the parade. Instead there was something called the "rainy day cavalcade". It was a bunch of characters in trolleys and other covered vehicles. The music was good and I was pleased there was something for all those people who stood in the downpour expecting to be rewarded with FoF.

We went to storybook circus instead and DS rode barnstormer twice and we all got on dumbo and, in the process, dried off from the earlier deluge. All was looking up until you actually looked up and saw the dark clouds rolling in.

We put on our ponchos and bravely walked quickly over to the Beast's castle for our 4pm reservation. Btw, this reservation was gotten by coordinating with another liner who was canceling and I could not be more appreciative! DS and GM Thad been arguing all day about which room to sit in. DS won and we were in the west wing. I didn't care one way or the other. GM and I shared a bottle of sparkling wine and we all had an excellent dinner with a super awesome server who did magic tricks! I wish I could remember his name. I feel kind of bad about that now. DS tried the grey stuff. It was delicious. We met the beast and hoped it had stopped raining. It hadn't.

We exited to a steady rain that (spoiler alert) continued until about 9pm. Yes. 4-9pm steady rain. We didn't let this spoil the evening, though. We had important fantasyland touring to do! First up: enchanted tales with belle. DS was the beast. He did an excellent roar and was really cute. GM was the armoire probably because she sang louder and longer than anyone else during the "audition". It was perfectly lovely. Quick spin through UTS and on to meet Anna & Elsa! I remember staying up until midnight for this FPP and it was over in what seemed like a nanosecond. DS is seriously in love with Elsa and mostly looked bashful and played with the curtains while she talked to him. He loved it. We moved on to philharmagic and then decided to try the people mover to wait out the rain. Despite two trips around, there was no sign of a break in the clouds so we did carousel of progress. I love that attraction.

At 8pm, the rain was light enough that SDMT was back open so we used our FPP for that. It had a standby line of 35 minutes at that time! GM skipped this time and I think she went to hall of presidents. DS and I did haunted mansion and after looking at the wait times, decided we wanted to try to do all four mountains. BTMRR was up next and we pretty much walked on. Afterwards it was our last chance this trip to watch the MSEP but, as is the theme of the day, the 9pm parade was cancelled for rain just as the rain was stopping. We made the best of it by riding splash mountain with NO wait at all! Only one mountain to go at 9:15 so we booked it over to space and got off in time for the end of the projection show and wishes! DS was super tired so we called it quits before the 11pm MSEP and headed back to the beach club. But not without buying his snugly toy (a sorcerer mickey) who is now being snuggled by a sleeping boy as I type.

Admittedly, today was not as interesting a day as others have been. We had a pretty good slump after the wine and in the rain between 6-8 but after that we got ourselves together and did all four mountains in 2 hours. That was pretty good. Wait times over all were pretty good even when it was sunny around 3pm. Tomorrow my SO arrives (yay!) and we are going to make one last effort for the FoF parade followed by an Epcot evening. The only downside? I'm going to miss the MK liner meet. Sorry, friends! I will be at epcot wind down at la cava tomorrow night if anyone is around.


Have fun today, thanks for sharing.

Hope you get to see FOF parade - good luck!

Aw, I'm sorry the parades were canceled. It sounds like you made the best of it, and still had a great time.

Thanks for the update! Have fun at the Epcot Wind Down event. Crossing my fingers for you that you get to see the parade. I'm like you in that I refuse to watch any of the videos of it. smile