Live packing report! 🤪

Hi all,

We are less than two days away from our epic two week holiday and I have been a packing machine!

Tonight’s victory (it’s the little things!) is a carry-on bag packed with enough clothes, PJs, bathing suits and unmentionables for my two girls for 5 days each. Not to mention sandals and water shoes for both of them, too. I love large Freezer bags! There are also two small stuffies and a blanket in there.

Our goal is to travel with one checked bag and two carry-on bags for our two week trip. We’re off to a good start, but the real proof will be in the next (adult packing) phase. Stay tuned!



This is a first! :rofl: Nicely done. I hope you all have a great trip!


I always enjoy the packing list threads here and on chat, but now you’re making me realize how much fun it would be to see pics of people’s packed suitcases!


I used to pack with ziplocks for summer camp. I for sure need to bring that back for Disney, especially since I won’t be the only one dressing my kids.

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No matter how much planning I do my suitcase is never this organized. Well done!


I love ziplock packing! My kid does it now too for camp!

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What size is your carry-on??

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Standard carry-on; just a closeup shot! :grinning:

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I love this! I’m a little obsessed with the packing and organizing aspect of vacations. It’s super fun and helpful to see examples of how other people pack things. :slight_smile:

I’m just speechless.