Live cam?

Is there a live cam for tomorrow? I can’t seem to find a link anywhere?!?!

Yes, it will be on Just watched the Paint the Night Parade and Disneyland Forever fireworks on the cameras in DL.


Thank you so much!!! I can’t miss the parade and wishes tonight!!!

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Here’s the link for the Disney World live cam. It’s up now.


There’s actually sound this year!!! Yay!!! Thanks!!!

Cool, thanks for the link!
They need to move that camera to the right - just a few feet would be a nice view of Main Street.


Hey, I needed to test a wireless PC to HDTV HDMI video connection in my Board room, so Googled the parks blog to use the live stream for the test. (“It’s for work, I PROMISE!”)

I found a link to the Disneyland live stream, and there’s several of them at that park - MUCH better angles and locations!

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I think the construction on one of the buildings on the RH side of Main St. would partially obstruct the view of the castle, which is probably why they put the camera where it is. There’s a parade starting now, with the sound. I guess they’re doing extra parades today? Cool!

Could be! After I posted they did move the camera to the right so we can see Main Street on an angle. Before that, it was all the way in the left corner.

Don’t want to toot my own horn, but after I tweeted to @waltdisneyworld that they should move the camera, it happened… :wink:


A storm arriving at Disneyland - looks like a backdrop to bad guys arriving at Fantasmic!

JJT rocks. Worth tooting. We appreciate the squeaky wheel, and I only logged in after the move, so… THANK YOU. :slight_smile:

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Ooh, Chromecasting live cam to large screen HDTV is nice.
Think we’ll have to let the kids stay up late to watch the fireworks!

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Just found this morning’s 6AM Coolest Summer Ever kickoff on The YouTube:

I heart the live cam! Can’t wait for wishes!!! Yes @JJT kids are allowed to stay up late for this one! I might even let ds5 watch the parade at 11!!!

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Sitting here with family watching a live feed from Disney World on a 45" television, thinking back to when I was a kid laying on the floor, using our collie as a pillow watching World of Disney on a 15" screen tv in a cabinet the size of my car.

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