Little surprise


Anyone ever have anything small, but special sent to the room as a surprise for the kids or parents? I was thinking it might be neat to do something for the grandparents and kids since this is a big trip for all of us. We will be celebrating my in-laws 50th anniversary + their 75th birthday & 80th birthday, my parent’s 70th birthdays, our 10th anniversary and DD 6th birthday and DD 8th birthday when we are there in December. I don’t want anything big or flowers. Just a little something to start the trip off with a happy surprise. Not sure what or even how to go about it. Maybe call the hotel directly and get something from the giftshop? Is that possible?


When I’ve done those for kids, I’ve actually brought them and snuck them into the room ahead of the kids. I’ve done personalized autograph books, Disney pajamas, and costumes for 1900 Park Faire (Cinderella for Daughter, Prince for son). Sometimes I leave them with “notes” from the princess or character on the gift.


I just did this for my friend’s daughter who is there for her first Disney visit. I worked through Disney Floral and Gift. They have a wide range of items (everything from food items to balloons, to more elaborate gift packages). It wasn’t cheap so there may be other, more economical options but they took care of delivering it on the day and time that I needed. I got a park bag, autograph book and pen and some mickey and minnie cookies, she loved it!


I did that too and it worked really well. Highly recommend although it’s not cheap…


What a lovely thought. I don’t have anything else to add except to say how wonderful for you all to be there together! I’m sure whatever you do will be great. Have a fabulous time!


Love this idea, but unfortunately, I know this won’t work. :frowning: My kids are usually the first to burst in the room - they fight over using their magic bands to open the door lol.


Thank you! I seriously can’t wait to go.


Thanks! I’ll check that out! I didn’t realize there was a custom build a basket option. :slight_smile:


Could you do it on their second time in the room? Like be the last one to leave after your first time into the room?


Maybe, need to think this through. Thanks again!


When I went with a big family group a couple of years ago, I boxed up a Vinylmation Mickey for each person and put them into one gift bag per room. When we checked in, on the sly I asked the front desk to deliver the gift bags for me when they delivered our luggage. It worked a charm! I purchased the mickey’s from ebay on the cheap.


Awesome idea! So you asked them when you checked in and they delivered with your checked luggage?


Yes! I had to be sure that the family was otherwise occupied when I handed over the bag, but the CM was happy to do it. I think they love surprises as much as we do!


Very cool! I love this idea. Thank you!!!