Little kids ... sigh

We just got back from our WDW trip. Just my hubby and i went.

I will start by saying that when our daughters were little, we did our very best to make sure they didn’t disrupt other people. If they screamed in a restaurant, we told them not to do it again. If they did it again, one of us took the child outside, even when they were infants. We didn’t let them run around in restaurants, movie theaters, etc. We didn’t let them talk out loud in movies, during stage shows, in church, … basically any time that other people need to be able to hear a speaker. The first time they were told to stop, the second time they were taken out or to the back.

(If you ask our daughters now if we were too strict, they will tell you that we were not. They will say we taught them common courtesy and they will teach their kids the same thing.)

That said, there were many rides and shows that were spoiled by young children and parents who didn’t seem to care.

We rode JC … I know it’s hokey, but that’s part of the fun! However, two little boys could NOT stay seated. Our “cruise director” had to stop the boat THREE times until the kids were seated. She would start a joke and have to stop to tell them to sit down. Since we stopped so often, the rest of the “cruise” was faster to make up the time, She didn’t get to finish many sentences/jokes. The parents (the boys probably weren’t related, based on where they were “seated” (quotes because they couldn’t STAY seated.) never told the boy near us to stay seated. They just looked out the boat an let the CM handle it.

Had it been one of our girls, the first time they stood up, we would have told them to sit down and stay down. If they stood up again, they would have had consequences … like not being able to ride the next ride. We would have put an arm or leg across them to make them stay seated. I would have been so embarrassed if a CM had to tell my child to follow the rules!

We used a FP on the ride … I probably should have complained long enough for them to let us go through the FP line again, but my hubby was DONE.

Later, we headed to the Tiki Tiki Room. A woman with a little kid sat next to me. (The child was wearing a hat and I don’t know if it was a boy or girl) We had several minutes to wait before the show. The kid started crying loudly about being hungry and not wanting to be at the show. The woman told the child to stop crying. The louder the kid cried, the louder the woman told kiddo to stop. She could have left before the show started … but she didn’t. The kid cried through most of the show and the woman was spent most of the show telling the kid to stop crying. She was as disruptive as the child.

I know we could have watched the show again, but it didn’t fit into our plan to do it again.

At Animal Kingdom, we rode the KS after lunch. There was a boy behind me who talked loudly the entire time … “what’s that?”, “where are we going?”,“why is the lady stopping?”,“what are we going to do next?”, “can we get ice cream?” I often couldn’t hear the driver’s commentary.

I completely understand that most rides are such that there is no way off once the ride starts. But I’d be a lot less annoyed if I felt like the parents were at least trying to change their children’s behavior.

At most shows, the parents can get up and take their child out or to the back.

I know that the parents paid for their ticket and should be able to enjoy themselves as much as I should be able to enjoy myself. But how can it be enjoyable when the parent KNOWS the child is misbehaving … especially when another person has to tell the child to knock it off?

I told my husband that I wish there were some group rides (like JC or KS) and shows where there was an age limit … like every sixth group all had to be over age 10 or something. Folks could wait for that ride if they chose to or ride the next one.

And I realize that, due to behavioral issues, some children may act a certain way and there isn’t anything that can be done. If a child is going to shriek if it’s dark, then taking them on dark rides or to shows where it’s dark is probably not a good idea.

Thank you for letting me get this off my chest.


It is really the biggest problem in society today. Parents not parenting their kids, and no regard for others in general. So sad. My husband would have whoopped their butts.


I would say that frankly, it’s people in general. Not just children, because there are sometimes I wish adults would shut up, stop complaining etc. :slight_smile: But, when out in public it’s just something you have to deal with.

On our KS ride it was DD8, DS4 and DH and I and we had to listen to four women in their 50s/60s behind us complain about how the ride was better 20 years ago the whole entire time.


I was recently watching a movie where the kids talked non stop for 10minutes. When I turned around to ask them to stop the second time and I was getting security, the kids starting to cry and then the parents started screaming at me and calling me the b-word. Security came, and they left, but the parents cursed at me in Spanish all their way out.


I definitely get it. I was worried about one little girl on our safari, but thankfully her mom got her under control.

But mostly for our trips, it was adults who sang loudly during HEA, adults who talked loudly during a stage show on our January Disney cruise, and adults who all leave their Mickey ears on during all the Animal Kingdom shows so short adults like me (or my kids) can’t see a thing.

I’d have to agree with the other poster who said it is people in general. Partly, people are just in the moment, I think. That said, we just try to get over it. We are in WDW. We are more privileged than 99% of the world’s population. The adults next to me were crying, laughing and singing during HEA because it was such a powerful experience for them. I asked a few of the Mickey ears people to take off their ears, and they did. I could let this stuff color my entire trip, or I can be happy I am in the world, with other humans who are flawed, just like me.

I pride myself on my well-behaved kids, but I know that when they were 4, we took them on Maelstrom. It sounded fun: a boat ride through Norway! I asked the teenage cast member if it was scary, before we boarded. He laughed and said No! It was our first day in any Disney park with our triplets. We were in the back row of the boat. The second we heard the deep voice and the “eye” (maybe my memory is wrong on details), one child started crying huge heaving sobs, one repeated (the entire ride) “please just get me off this please just get me off this” and one sobbed silently. I feel badly, now, for all the others in the boat, but what can you do? I had done some research but hadn’t pored over trip vlogs for hours, and this was 2011. The ride was walk on… the people could have gone right back on if they wanted. We did not make the same mistake again.


It is a sign of the times. Not just kids, but adults. No respect for others. I was at Incredibles 2 a few days back, and one guy two rows ahead of us was texting throughout the movie. Another guy in my aisle, same. The mother and son who next me seemed unable to stop talking throughout.

This is so normal these days and it drives me insane. Common courtesy and respect seems less and less common. I guess leaning the Golden Rule is no longer a thing


I agree! I am on a few mom’s Facebook pages, and you would not believe the number of moms who complain about people who are not tolerant of their kids bad behavior. Like " my kid hit an old woman with the shopping car twice and she had the nerve to tell at him and tell him to go away! He’s 7 years old, how dare she speak to him like that?!" Or “my kid threw food on the people in the booth next to us and they got up an walked over for an apology, who do these people think they are, it’s a family establishment, they should expect this stuff to happen.” This is our world today.
On our last 2 trips, I have brought my kids old Disney stickers and plenty of glow sticks to hand out to random kids having a bad moment. We’ve received a lot of extras from CMs who notice our attempts to diffuse a meltdown. I would prefer mom or dad do that part, but that is not the way things go today.


Omg. My kids KNOW BETTER. I merely give them “the LOOK” (evil side eye with a highly arched eyebrow), and lower my tone. They snap too VERY VERY quickly. But it took years of consistency to get them to behave like appropriate human beings in public. Do we have meltdowns at home? All the time.

But they know better in public.

Parents now just want to be their kids’ friend. It doesn’t work that way! Gahhhhhh.

And yes, DH and I have seen some terrible behaved children both in WDW and in DL.

Shoot, a former friend of mine, her son ATTACKED my husband in MY kitchen about 5 years ago. The kid went ballistic and bite, kicked, scratched him, like seriously attacked him like a wild animal. My husband’s first instinct was to toss the raving beast off of him (I mean, who wouldn’t?!), and the kid took it further by then THROWING himself into the wall and screaming “mommy the mean man hit me? Mommy!!”

To which my now former friend FLIPPED out, (mind you she stood there and let her kid run up screaming and attack my husband…he ran right by her), threatened to sue, call CPS, and so many other things. She even told me she called CPS and filed an assault on a child police report against my husband. (Which was a lie. So insane! I think she was hoping for some money)

Fast forward, that kid was suspended in kindergarten once for attacking a teacher, and twice for attacking other students. First grade? He almost got kicked out of school for his horrible behavior. They’ve been banned from two of four local movie theatres.

Both her sons are out of control. But hey, it’s everyone else’s fault!! I can’t imagine what her kids would do at WDW. Probably jump off rides and attack CMs when they had to wait in a line.

It makes me fearful for the future! Kids should not be in charge!!!


My kids are typically well behaved , but do have their moments. The difference I think is that when they have their moments, they need to be used as a way to teach them acceptable behavior. Teachable moments.


I totally agree, people in general just aren’t respectful (or even aware) of how their behavior impacts others around them. I don’t have kids and I know Disney is a place for kids but it still drives me insane when there are disruptive kids and parents who are oblivious. We are going to Disney in December with my fiance’s two adult children and their kids (my first trip to Disney with kids). His oldest daughter falls into the category of expecting people to understand that her daughter (whom she doesn’t discipline) is just being a kid when she screams and carries on. This is honestly my biggest fear of the whole trip - that the 7 year old will have tantrums because that is what she is used to doing at home. This will either be a wonderful experience or one that I will never want to do again lol


Yes people really are terrible now! I am sorry you had a rough time hoping it didn’t ruin your vacation.

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Let me know if you need to learn any cursing back in Spanish señorita! Free classes right here!


I don’t have kids, but I do tend to be tolerant of them. I just kinda zoom them out I think.

However, I have noticed the empowerment culture kids have these days. And the tolerant permissive not my problem attitude parents seem to have now.

Last year in SplashM, a little kid pulled down his pants and started peeing on a pole while standing in line. I told the parents and they started yelling at me and then switched to spanish and started saying really ugly stuff. Boy were they surprised when I answered them in Spanish too. I’ve never been so embarrassed to know Spanish. Jerks. They disappeared really quick when threatened to call a CM and get them thrown out of the park.


I love all of your replys:thinking:

Will keep it in the back of my mind…

Mi espanol es muy malo.

So, I understand just enough to be dangerous. But I love the fact that their assumption someone wouldn’t understand them kind of back-fired!


That’s actually acceptable behavior in some countries. It freaked me out the first time I saw it. Then it freaked me out that I was the only one freaked out about it. But I was in their country so what’re you gonna do? I seem to recall that Shanghai Disney had a problem with the some of the locals (ahem) fertilizing the flower beds when it first opened.

No matter our differences, it’s comforting to know that Americans are united in our commitment to sanitary (not to mention discrete) waste collection and removal.


To be fair, I saw a lot of horrible behavior from adults in the parks as well. Yes parents should parent their children. But they should also regulate their own behavior! :grimacing:


I’m going to guess it will be one you never want to do again. How does your fiancee feel? I could see this being a huge wedge between the two of you if he feels his daughter is right.


I suppose in the end, it comes to the same end. Parents who regulate their own behavior would also be parenting their children to do the same! :slight_smile:

I’ve taught parenting classes, and even did ghost-writing for a published parenting book. It doesn’t have be so hard.

I think parents should, in the very least, watch several episodes of Supernanny. Her techniques are golden.