Lists of rides and attractions


I was in the park the other week with my sister who was visiting, and while with her, we were talking about some of attractions I just walk past and don’t see. This got me thinking of making a list of all rides and attractions and doing them all at least once.

A list of rides is easy, but then you have all the shows, like Dapper Dans and the fireworks. And then there are other activities, like the shooting gallery or stamping your passport in EPCOT or collecting all the statues with your magicband. Not to mention collecting autographs.

My list became a more daunting task, but I was thinking maybe someone already has a list of things for each park.

So, if anyone has a list, can you share it, and if no one has one, lets make one.


Each park is one a separate page, but the list of attractions and shows is on the Touring Plans web site.