List of movies for park prep

OK folks. I am planning a trip for my girlfriend’s family for this upcoming March, and it will be their first time visiting Disney World. They are super excited, but they haven’t seen every Disney movie like me, and I am trying to make a list of movies for them to see for research, and rank the importance from 1-5.
For example, Little Mermaid (which some of them haven’t seen!) is a 5, Wizard of Oz is a 3, The Rescuers is a 1.
Any help would be appreciated :smiley:

Paging @Mr_Itty. He has a list of movies and which ride they’re linked/featured in

Found it


Wow thanks!

I love that we can search for things here on the Forum. I thought to myself, “I should make a Disney movie spreadsheet” and was able to find this in less than 30 seconds. :slight_smile:

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