List of Disney Movies/Shows as 'research' along with the reason ? Twilight Zone?

As a born Liner, I have an excel file with movies/shows we need to watch to ‘prepare’ for our Disney trip. We did that for our Universal trip and it was great. In between, we watched all the Marvel movies

My Disney list is from several other people’s lists and reading Disney guidebooks. When I added Song of the South I made a note that it was for the Laughing Place reference on one of the Mountain rides. If I hadn’t, I knew later I would wonder, “why is this on the list?” Now I look at the list and I wonder why Twilight Zone is on the list. Is that for the Haunted Mansion ride?

Also, maybe a Liner already has a list with the reason included, so I thought I’d ask here.

The Twilight Zone would be for the Tower of Terror- you enter the Twilight Zone.

Let me check @Mr.Itty’s movie reference list.


No explanation but a cool list from 2015:

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The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror can be fully enjoyed without having experienced The Twilight Zone series…however, it adds depth to the experience if you’ve seen it. Many of the items you see in the queue, for example, are referential props from the TV series.

There was also a made-for-TV movie done quite a few years back now which supposedly tells the story of the The Hollywood Tower Hotel (the setting for the ride). Basically, it is a case of them making movie based on the ride. It is mediocre, Disney fare, but still worth watching to deepen a few of the elements you’ll see in the ride if you have the time on your hands. I’ll guess it is available for streaming on Disney+ or Netflix or something.


Sorry, I think I just changed the settings. I also approved the requested access.

Thank you, everyone. That makes sense. I’ll add a note to my file. For many it is obvious. You watch Brave to know who the prettiest princess is :slight_smile: (says the redhead with long curly hair)

It said that I didn’t have permission to look at the google file.

I think I Fixed the link but I also gave you permission. If you try again will you let me know?

Awesome. See it now.