List of conferences at WDW?

There are always conferences, courses and meetings around WDW, just wondering if there’s a central site or place to find a list. Hoping to find something medical that I can attend.

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There is no central site that I know of. This may help - and has a page for meetings and conventions too.

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Interesting post on that CSR forum: a conference booked the ENTIRE resort Aug 25-28!?! Poster said anyone staying there will be upgraded to a deluxe. Must be a huge event! @mossymom that’s a great idea!

@mossymom Good idea! I’ve tried this a few times in the past, but the schedules never worked out for me. I searched by using keyword searches in google. Maybe check the Florida associations affiliated with the type of medical work that you do as well.

I go to an anesthesia meeting every year in wdw. What type of medicine do u practice?

Ob/Gyn. It took a while but I’ve found a couple meetings already. I don’t do any primary care, so that makes a lot of the meetings less relevant (there’s a cog behavioural therapy meeting at GF in Dec with rooms for $219/night! Even with conference fee it comes out to a good deal!)