List of air conditioned counter service resturants

Is there a list of counter service restaurants in each park with air conditioning? I’ve looked at TP and Disney Food Blog and can’t seem to locate one.

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I think pretty much all…

I’d say most are, although, I think there are a few that aren’t in various locations. But usually those are in areas near air-conditioned options. I know we ate at an outdoor CS place in AK (Harambe market, I think it was), and there was a place in Adventureland/Frontierland at MK near Pecos Bill that we ate outside (Golden Oak Outpost). But we could have just as easily found a place inside if necessary.

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Yes it would be easier to list the ones that aren’t I think.

No on:
Flametree BBQ
Yorkshire fish & chips
Sleepy Hallow
Friar’s Nook

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Those were the ones that came to mind first for me to

Also the Mexico quick service and maybe Germany quick service?

There’s not many

You can usually duck inside La Hacienda for some a/c seating. But, strictly speaking La Cantina is outside.
You’re right about Germany.

Plus the pizza window in Italy at Epcot.

There’s also the wee shack type place on Echo Lake at DHS.

How about by park:
QS AK with AC:

No AC:
Flame Tree
Harambe Market
Yak and Yeti Cafe

There are many other small “window” type QS but they don’t have AC.

HS: many of the QS are walk up windows with Woody’s lunch box being the prime example.

With AC:
ABC commissary
Backlot Express

(I know others can add more)

HS - All the walk up quick service places near RNR do not have AC. They’re all outside. And there are some near Echo Lake as well.

Is the pizza window ever open ?
I always go feb and march never seen it opened since the 1st year

Well it is almost 3 years since I was there, so not sure. But it was open over Christmas 2016 at least!

The pizza window at Via Napoli was not open in July.

Was open this year last week of Feb into March.

Quick service in Norway. The one in Morocco has a few indoor seats but they doors were opened so not super cool in there.
In contrast the small indoor seating area in Japan quick service was great!