Lion king to ROL

Hi, wife, 2yr old and I have a FP for lion king 6pm show. Also dinner package for ROL set to start at 7. How do they seat people at Lion? I was hoping to bolt just before the last song starts. Thanks

Technically you are only supposed to exit the theater in case of an emergency as stuff happens all around you, and making ROL really doesn’t count. I would try to find an earlier FP for FOTLK - or just do it earlier in the day and not worry about a FP. I honestly don’t think it’s needed.

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I believe you actually will have plenty of time. The show is less than 30 minutes and it shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to walk. 15 minutes before show time is plenary of time.

I would definitely not try to exit FotLK early, it’s a theater in the round experience and much too dangerous to try to leave during the show. however, as Principal Tinker says, timing will not be a problem. the theater exits very quickly and you will have no trouble making it over to RoL.


You guys are great. This site is a huge asset for a WDW rookie. Thanks again.