Lion King Scavenger Hunt

I just read about this that’s apparently a limited time thing, until the end of September.

There are 10 Lion King characters hidden in the Harambe area, You purchase a map at The Outpost Shop or Mombasa Marketplace ($6.99 plus tax) that comes with stickers. (I assume you place the stickers on the map where you find them). Upon completion, return it to Mombasa Marketplace and you get a Lion King character magnet.

Thought it might be of interest to anyone going in the next couple of months. Somewhat less time consuming than the Wilderness Explorers, and contained in one area.

I tried to find something on the WDW website but no luck so far. :woman_shrugging:


And here’s something on the Disney Parks Blog:


Oh I wonder if DS14 would be into this. He loves the Lion King, and it might keep him occupied while I’m getting pics in front of walls :joy:

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Did you see I added a link to my post?

There’s a picture of the map, and a couple more locations for buying it.

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Have you lost your mind or have I missed something recently? :face_with_monocle:

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I did see it, thanks!

I’m sure DS will think I’ve lost my mind! Taking pics in front of walls is a bit of a social media thing. Like the purple wall at MK, and there are a few in Harambe.

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Whatever makes you happy! :grin:

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I am generally too old to be bothered with trendy things but this seems fun and easy. We’ll see if I bother!

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You could always post them on the “Where in the World” thread.

But then I’d know where you were! :joy:

There are lots more!!

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