Linking tickets?

So I’m a long time veteran of WDW who has never been to DL. I’m going for the first time next week. A friend bought tickets a month or so ago without being logged into any accounts. We got the tickets e-mailed to her and I added them to my account using the Disneyland app. I’m a bit confused though, because I’m used to WDW, where I tie each ticket to a specific person on the account (example: Kyle, Norman, etc.) and book fast passes using that. I know the FP system is totally different here. What we want to do is get MaxPass when we get to the park (my understanding is if you didn’t already purchase it, you have to do it when at the park). However, our tickets are just listed as “Guest” twice. Is there any way to actually tie them to a specific person on my account? When I sign in on my desktop computer, it doesn’t even show that I have tickets; they only appear if I log in on my app, where it doesn’t allow me to assign them to anyone. Is that going to be an issue using FP? Does my friend have to create a separate account on her phone (and is there any way to even get the ticket onto that)? I’m just unclear as to how I would even use MaxPass in this situation; if I purchase it and set up FPs, would I scan my own phone twice to use them, since both tickets are on my phone?

Thanks for any help, I’m just used to doing it the way I would for WDW and wasn’t expecting the whole “assigning a ticket to a person” thing to be so different.

It shouldn’t be an issue. When you arrive to first use your ticket on day of, you’ll scan a ticket at the gate, they will take a picture and issue you a paper/cardboard type ticket. That’s what is used for FP scanning and park entry throughout. You’ll just scan your phone for each ticket - no need for your friend to have it on her phone.

So after entry, you can buy MaxPass for both of you on your phone and then book FP. Both of you can just scan your paper tickets for FP usage. You could also scan your phone twice, but it seemed like that took longer at the scanners and that the scanners didn’t read the phone as well as the paper ticket (probably due to glare).

We used MaxPass to great effect and I’d highly recommend it. As soon as you scan at the first FP turnstile you can always book another as well so typically we were rolling from one FP to another…

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Thank you! Glad to hear we get a physical ticket at the gate; I was concerned about using my phone everywhere for the exact reasons you mentioned.

You will really only need your phone to enter day one, buy MaxPass each day (if you didn’t pre-buy it for the entire trip) and then to book Fast Passes. Other than that the physical ticket is used and despite it being thick paper ours survived a dunking on Splash mountain and was still usable the next couple days without issue…

Chiming in about the tickets not being on your account when you sign in but only showing on the app: DL’s accounts & app are much less sophisticated and cohesive than MDE for WDW but they have come a long way in the last year with the app now being able to show tickets on there!

I haven’t bought MaxPass yet but I have used my phone to redeem FPs we have pulled with our passes & I always like using my phone better & not having to rummage for my passes in my wallet, but I also have a very large screen (iPhone 6plus) so maybe that makes it easier for the scanners? Not sure, but I have always had them work very fast and once one FP is pulled up, I can just swipe to the side to get to the next persons’s FP.

Also, once you do have the tickets scanned at the entry gate & if you choose to purchase MaxPass you’ll be able to create a FP party (both of you will have to purchase MaxPass for this). But once you’ve created a FP party you’ll be able to book FPs for everyone in the party at the same time. Also, you are totally able to have your friend create an account & link both tickets with MaxPass in hers as well so either of you can make FP selections for you both and so that you both have a way to gain access into the park too. My husband & I both have each other’s & our kids’ Annual passes linked in our accounts so either of us can get them into the park if we separate and one parent has the Annual passes.

The only thing you will absolutely need your ticket for is if you choose not to buy MaxPass, you will need the ticket to pull FPs from the kiosks. As mentioned previously though, you are able to use the paper ticket for everything including entry & FP redemption & they hold up quite well for your park days. One tip I have had friends do is to put the paper ticket in between two PhotoPass cards or any other more durable plastic cards such as credit cards, gift cards, etc.

We had the max pass when we went and I had all four of us in the app on my phone. Once we had entered the park for the first time then the passes showed up in my app and I was able to link the max pass to them and book all of our fast passes. I also scanned them all at rides right from my phone with no issue.