Linking reservations

Soooooo… I’ve never strayed and have always books through dis but last night got an amazing deal on an akl room through travelocity! Yeah?!? I received two numbers… An litinerary number and reservation number… Both do not work linking up with my mde. Should I just cancel the room and rebook a different room through Disney to avoid any hassle/mistakes? Is orbitz easier/better to link? Thanks!

Disney told us they had a backlog and it would work within a few weeks (booked through a TA in the UK) and sure enough it did.

I’d leave it a few weeks then ring IT if it still won’t work.

Ok thank you… Just freaking out I guess… Used to everything being done automatically :slight_smile:

I freaked out too :smile:

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So my reaction is normal! Hahaha! Another question… When you did get it linked, were you able to do requests then? I’m worried and not surprised that travelocity put us down for a king bed room… With 4 people! I can only assume Disney is smarter then travelocity an won’t stick is in a king bed room???

That I can’t answer. I have set up a room request on here and just hoping for the best!

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I would get in touch with Travelocity about that. Sounds like you booked a King room, which is what WDW will provide you with unless you get Travelocity to change it.

Just called and changed it to two beds! Thank goodness :wink: now I am going to wait it out and then call dis to get all linked up!

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I tried linking 1 day after booking with Travelocity and neither of those 2 numbers worked for me. I called Disney, they looked up the reservation and gave me their booking number which worked immediately.

Yeah both my numbers aren’t working and Travelocity dude didn’t know why I was talking about!!! I’m going to call dis later this week… Thank you!!!

Orbitz is easier to link. When you print out your confirmation after booking, the number will be towards the bottom of the page. Links to MDE right away. Glad you found a good deal though!

After reading about lots of liners using orbitz I should have gone that way but we would have booked an AoA suite (which is awesome and usually always our home resort) but the akl deal made us think about trying a new resort this trip! Thanks!!! Hopefully a cm can get me linked up this week!

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Hey all, Just wanted to add that I found another thread on DIS that explained how someone linked travelocity res to her mde. I wanted to share it here in case anyone was still trying. You call travelocity and ask specifically for the “travelocity booking id #”. It is different from any # they send you in the emails. I just did this for our Sept res and it worked.

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I finally got someone to give me the “secret Disney number” Hahha!!! :wink: enjoy your trip next month!

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Thanks! How was AKL??? That’s where we booked but Swan just became available so trying to decide…

We are heading there in October so not sure yet :wink: so excited!!!

Well then, I guess I will let you know, :grinning:

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