Linking one day tix (parents) to my MDE

My parents will be coming with us one day, to Epcot most likely. They plan on arriving sometime in the morning and then meeting up with us. They will be buying a ticket from the front gate. Here are my questions:

  1. Are there any discounts for 1 day ticket at front gate? AP discount, etc.

  2. More importantly, once they are in the park, do I just take their ticket numbers and put them as friends/family in MDE so I can schedule any FPP for them?

  3. If MDE asks for a DOB, should I just put an under 18 age so I don’t have to have them connect to MDE and make an account to approve. I don’t see them wanting to download app, create an account, etc. trying o find simplest, easiest path possible for them


My parents are living in a world where the internet doesn’t exist to them. They still use a “dumb phone” (as my dad calls it) and have no on-line presence.

As such, I set up fake email addresses for both of them that I manage for when they need accounts, etc., where an email address is required (more and more often these days).

So, if your parents don’t mind, you might just do the same. Set up email addresses in their name, but you just “be” your parents. That way you can set them up yourself.

Giving them a false birthday is probably easier, all around, though. :slight_smile:

They have smartphones, savvy and such. My mom has instragram, and I don’t.

So false bday should work? They can be between ages 10 - 17 so they are disney price adult. I don’t think those FPP machines check age/face anyhow. I hear people switching MBs with kids to ride.

I guess my point is that you can set everything up so that they don’t even have to bother with the app on their phone by simply creating an account for them.

That’s is what i am saying, or thought I was :slight_smile: . Here are the steps I am thinking.

  1. they arrive and handle me their tickets.

  2. I log onto MDE and enter 2 new “kids” and put in the ticket numbers.

  3. I can make FPP for them.


Drop them off at end of day so it doesn’t screw up my other days, FPP plans, etc.

No, I got you. I was clarifying that to avoid the fake birthday thing, to just create accounts for them using email addresses you create. If they have email addresses, that’s fine. You just need to do it with them aware that they will need to accept things. If you use an email account you create for them, you can control if all without their involvement at all!

But as I said, I don’t know why creating them with false birthdays wouldn’t work. Merely giving you an alternative if the idea makes you nervous.

Gotcha. thanks.

Do you work? You always answer so promptly and in so many threads. Or are you a paid,professional Liner? …all in good fun and jest.

Work has been admittedly slow lately. Not expecting it to last much longer, though. I expect a bunch of new assignments coming my way in about 2 weeks.

Is your trip very soon? The AP discounted one day bring a friend ticket ends August 8th.
Will they have magic bands?

Will be September. No magic bands for them. 1 day ticket from front gate.

Oh, ok. I was able to buy tickets before my DD and her friend even arrived at the park and link them to their magic bands via MDE so they just went start into the park when they arrived.