Linking old no exp. tickets with Magic Bands

We have some older no-expiration tickets, some have been used and others have not. What is the best way to link them to Magic Bands if we will not be staying on property so that we can choose FPP?

I think you can enter the number of the older ticket and link it. However, I did have to go to DTD to get our tickets used in the right order. Unfortunately I don’t have that number – but if I can find it I’ll post it here.

Found this on the Disney website: for MDE, Magic Bands & FP+ (407) 939-4357

Good luck! :thumbsup:

If the ticket number is the right format, you can just enter the number in MDE. Some of the older ones aren’t the right format though. For those I think you need to convert then to RFID tickets at Guest Services and then link them.

Great, thanks! So much has changed so quickly. I used to think I was pretty on top of what’s happening with WDW and how to plan, but now I feel like a first-timer…

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