Linking multiple parties on MP

talk to me about this. Last time at DL, was just our immediate family, and before MP. We did WDW last year, so get the linking of tickets with others to get FPP together. But we are headed to DL with another family in a few weeks. We don’t get tickets until we are there. We will do some together and some apart. Can we link after the fact, similar to WDW? Is there an easy way to get fastpasses for rides at the same times? Please share what you have done that has worked. I’m the most experienced Disney traveler, an expert by no means. Ideally, I could make their fastpasses but they couldn’t mess up mine. :slight_smile:

It’s not quite like the friends & family feature of MDE, but it is possible in the DL app to have all parties linked by manually linking all tickets to all possible planners/FP selectors accounts. And it is totally possible to have the same ticket linked on several different accounts (I.e. my husband and I both have ourselves, each other & all our kids’ passes on both our Disney accounts so either one of us have access to everyone’s tickets). Also, to be able to even get FPs using the app, MaxPass must be purchased. If not planning to purchase MaxPass then the only good having tickets linked to your account is to scan them in at the gate. Without MaxPass you will need the physical ticket to insert in the free FP kiosks.

If everyone buys MaxPass anyone who has those tickets linked to their account can then make FP selections for all (or some) of the people who are linked.

Each time you go to make a FP using MaxPass, you’ll first select your FP party & can easily check/uncheck the people that will be getting that FP. The ticket for anyone selected as part of the FP party must also have been scanned into the park for the day for a FP to be obtainable.

If your tickets are linked to anyone else’s accounts then they can also select & cancel FPs for you.

So if you want them to be able to make their own FPs some of the time but don’t want them to have any control of yours you could have them just link their tickets to their account (& not yours) but then have your tickets linked only to your account but also have their tickets linked to your account to be able to selectively make FP selections for them.

And again, if not purchasing MaxPass then it won’t be possible to make FPs on the app at all (but once obtained on the free kiosks they are visible on the app and can be cancelled on the app).

Is it true that I can’t do anything ahead of time with their account and mine since we don’t have tickets yet? And we’ll have to do it after we all have tickets?

Yes, it’s not the accounts that get linked, just the tickets so until you have the tickets, there’s nothing to link.


And unless you buy MaxPass for all tickets for all days, you have to wait until you’re in the park to link. I think. Correct me if I’m wrong!!

You can link tickets prior to purchasing MaxPass but there’s not a huge amount of benefit to it.

Without MaxPass (or before purchasing it) the 2 uses of having linked tickets are:

  1. To scan everyone’s ticket from one device at the turnstile (but this much slower than just pulling out the tickets so again, not a huge benefit).
  2. To scan the FPs obtained from the free kiosks on one device - but again, tickets are just as good for that here & do not drain your battery on your phone (which will most certainly happen if you scan with the phone as the brightness needs to be turned up for the scanning to work).

FWIW, even though we’ve rarely used MaxPass, I do find having my kids’ tickets linked very helpful when the hubby & I have split up and hopped parks from each other & are trying to hop back to re-join but don’t have the physical pass on us to get the kids back in. With their passes scanned into our apps it’s no sweat since we can just scan it off the app. But that’s really the main-lifesaver for it.

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can my 16 year old daughter have her own Disneyland app/log in on her phone? Or will she need to be logged into the one I use for all of us?

just got back, this was very smooth. after we had our tickets, I linked all of our family of 4. then I linked our family that was with us so we could make their fastpasses as well. My daughter even linked her friend that had an AP, so we could make plans together as well. super easy, just wanted to reassure those that haven’t done it before.


Glad it all went smoothly! Probably a silly question, but… how did the photo feature of the MaxPass work with all this for you? Do you scan tickets with the photographer to link photos to your MaxPass? If so, can you see all linked accounts photos?

We got a card from the photographer and then linked it to our accounts.

We took a screen shot of our bar code or whatever and just had the photographer scan that each time. I think we used the same code each time, however.

this is what we did since we had maxpass. but the screenshot of the QR code was quicker/easier than diving into the app each time.

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