Linking mnsshp to mde.... Help

Ok… Just bought mnsshp tickets (yippeee!!) they show up on mde and when I click on the ticket it has a profile to each one but is asking me to link them… Real question is… And I can only assume… The ticket popping up for my ds’s profile is the child ticket I need to link since they don’t show the age range. Am I making sense? Sorry… Just don’t want to link chd ticket to an adult profile because I’m sure that screws everything up!

How did you buy them? Did they send them to you? When I printed them at home they automatically linked in MDE. The only option I have is to unlink. It says it is hatched to me but I can match it to someone else ( under tickets). My son’s did the same thing.

Printed at home… Think I might have it figures out… They seem to be linked already so I’m not sure why it’s asking me again… Thank you!

Yeah, AP did the same thing but if you tried to match them it would say it was already done.