Linking Military Salute Tickets

Finally got my Military Salute Vouchers today. When attempting to link the voucher, I had a small problem that was quickly resolved. I just thought I would share in case anyone else has a similar problem.

The Military Salute tickets are for all ages (other military discount tickets have adult and child options). But when linking the numbers for my family, it wouldn’t link to my 4 year old because she wasn’t 10+. After chatting and calling Disney’s internet help desk, I was able to link the voucher to my daughter. When the warning comes up that she is not in the age range, all I had to do was tell it to link it anyway. So, simple.



Good info - thanks for sharing!

So where you able to link them directly form the vouchers that your base ticket office gave you? Or did you have to call disney first?

I was able to do it. But a warning came up and I got scared that I was going to invalidate my vouchers or something crazy. So before I proceeded to ignore the warning, I called (the nice lady on chat help couldn’t help). The VERY funny lady at the Disney Internet Help Desk told me to ignore the warning and that she would stay right with me while I did it.

Of course I was also nervous that despite me reading info from every Disney website I could find and the long list of questions at the base MWR office, that maybe I had bought the wrong ticket for my daughter. That would be a really expensive mistake.

I’m still worried about activating them the first morning. We had a crazy time last time and almost missed our pre-RD at CRT. Cross your fingers for us! :slight_smile:

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Good luck. Do you have time to activate them the night before?