Linking Memory Maker?

Hi! We are here now with another family and all linked through MDE. The other family purchased the memory maker this morning with their military discount. All of their PhotoPass photos are showing without a watermark anymore. But ours still have the photo pass watermark all over them. Is there something I need to do to link it? I figured since we were already all connected it would work. I even tried linking it through the app and it says it is already linked. Thanks!

I believe only the person that purchased the MM can download the photos without the watermark. They will have to change their filters to see your photos too.


Ok thanks!

Ah, that reminds me of my latest question: if I get an AP, which comes with Photo Pass as I understand it, will the rest of the family’s photos show up on my Photo Pass account if they are in my Friends and Family? Or do I have to be physically present when photos are taken to be on my account. I hope this makes sense.