Linking hotel with tickets for UExp Unlimited

May be taking a trip with just the wife in May and thinking about staying at Royal Pacific or Portofino. Probably going to package flight and hotel through Travelocity and purchase tickets separately. Never stayed at a Universal hotel. How do we link up those tickets with our hotel stay to take advantage of Universal Express Unlimited? Do we just take our tickets to the front desk when we check in or something?

I don’t think you have to link tickets. After you check in, the front desk directs you to a kiosk to make your Express pass. The express pass and tickets are separate.

When I went last summer, I had tickets through UT - I never remember doing anything with the tickets - except getting into the park.

Have fun! I really enjoyed Royal Pacific.

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We got our tickets through Amex points last summer. We did everything in the RP lobby/kiosk area. Everyone was very helpful!!

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As^^^ entry tix and exp passes are 2 seperate entities. You are issued a room key per person at check in. There are kiosks in the lobby. You take your key to kiosk and follow instructions to get photo exp pass. Use your tix for park entry. Show room key for Earl entry entitlement and use exp pass at rides to enter exp queue.

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Thanks for the info. Looks like it is pretty easy. Just wanted to make sure there wasn’t a step I was missing.

Portofino is a really nice hotel. Royal Pacific not bad either. Note the express passes not like fast pass. You dont need to reserve anything ( unless they changed the rules)

You don’t link the tickets. At the lobby of the hotel - you put in your ROOM KEY and it prints out the Express Pass. So you will have two tickets. Your park admission ticket and then a paper EXPRESS PASS. You only need show the express pass at the ride.

I highly suggest Portafino. It was a fantastic resort. We had a family of 4 and the rooms are very nicely appointed and spacious. I found the resort to be rather refined, upscale but certainly not stuffy or uptight. Casual sophistication is how I would best describe it.