Linking Friends for MaxPass

We’re going to DLR in a few weeks and just bought our tickets through Undercover Tourist. It will be my family of 4 plus my friend. My family is all under one account and we linked my friend and she’s showing up under our family and friends list on the DL website. But, it says she can view our plans, yet when she goes on the app she can’t see our reservation for Carnation Café (which is the only plan we have).

Because of this, we haven’t linked her ticket yet because we want to make sure that she really is linked to us and we’ll be able to make all of our FPs together with MaxPass. Since she’s showing up as our “friend”, should it be ok? The other option is to just add her as part of our “family” and then she can login to our account on the DL app instead of hers so there will definitely be no issues. Does anyone have any experience linking friends for DLR? It seems way easier to do on MDE for WDW.

Last year when touring with friends, we didn’t try to link it and we just coordinated using MaxPass and getting FPs in the same windows. We were booking for 3 & 4 - worked out great, but it did require 2 people going FP diving instead of 1.

I don’t remember why we didn’t try to link into one offhand though…

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