Linking "fancy" MagicBands to MDE?

Hi there!
Anyone have experience linking the purchased MagicBands (as opposed to the free ones) with their tickets and reservations? We bought a couple “fancy” (Pluto, Sorcerer Mickey) MagicBands from the Disney Store online. We have had them for a couple months now and should be receiving our free “non-fancy” MagicBands in the next week or so. When should we link the fancy ones to our MDE and tickets? Can we do it before our trip or should we wait until we arrive on WDW property? Should we bring both bands in case of a mishap? I am paranoid that we will link the fancy ones and have some kind of glitch and they won’t work . . .
Thanks for your help and insight!

You can link your purchased/graphic bands to your MDE account at any time (even if you don’t have active tickets or reservations). All linked magic bands are active and useable (unless you go into the MDE web site, under tickets, and manually deactivate a band or card).

We were unsure if needed the free bands for our first onsite stay (we usually stayed off site). And a friend told me we did, so we carried them just in case. But as suspected our linked graphic bands worked just fine and there was no need to bring the free ones.

My son linked his Very Merry Christmas Party limited edited band after our trip. The next trip he wore that one from the time he landed in MCO through a split stay and multiple park visits. He is also an AP holder and he never had an issue. We always carry a 2nd band in our park bags in case we lose our main one.