Linking family and friends problem

Asking here to try to avoid the dreaded Disney call: Trying to add my friends to MDE for my October trip. I bought tickets from MVT with my room reservation and I see their tickets listed on my account. I connected with them as friends on MDE as well. I see their actual accounts but they aren’t associated with the tickets. Basically, in my list of family and friends, I have each of their real accounts as well as a ghost account with their name and the assigned MVT ticket. Reached out to MVT and they said to just invite them to my account and it should work. Anyone know how to resolve this? Tickets are part of room reservation so I don’t really have the actual ticket numbers to link but it appears as if I will be able to make FPP reservation for the ghost accounts when the time comes in a couple weeks.

Are they staying with you if so, which profile is on your room?

And have you tried simply reassigning the tickets to the real profiles?

If you have them listed as “fake” profiles on your reservation, then I believe there is an “invite” button on those - click on it and you can use their real email address to link to their real profiles.

Otherwise IT can clear it up for you easily!

They are listed as fake profiles. When I click on the profile, I see her name/age and

“Guests Who Can Plan for XXXX:
No other Guests are planning for XXXX at this time.”

My only available options are “change character” “close” or “save”.

They are on my reservation. I thought I could link them by inviting them but I cannot invite straight from the fake profile (at least not that I can figure out anyway). How would I reassign the tickets to the real profile?

I would try going in to the reservation within MDE and see if you can align the reservation-name to the real account profile.

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I would unfriend them all and start from scratch. In their “fake” profile you should be able to edit it to invite them to plan. Put their email in when prompted. If that does not fix the problem call Disney IT.

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In app go to my profile then over to friends and family then click on the “fake” profile name.