Linking DVC Split Stay

Hello! Due to complicated circumstances I have a triple split stay in a standard 1-bedroom at AKL Kidani in October. The first and last parts of the stay are rentals and the middle nights are my own booking. I believe that member services is able to link all of these together so that we can stay in the same room. Does anyone of personal experience of this?

I was planning to wait a little bit until MS was a little less overwhelmed but I’m curious the exact process. I will call and give my reservation and the other two, but does the other owner need to email/call as well? It’s a direct rental from an owner who has been super amazing to work with but I’d rather spare them the effort if it isn’t necessary. But I also really, really don’t want to have to change rooms with my hooligan children.

I do think the member(s) need to call.

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Is there a way you can try to do a 3 way call? I don’t know if the other owner can link to your reservation and since you are in the middle, if you can link to the end?


GREAT idea!

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I will see if we can do a 3-way call! Maybe I will call first and see what MS says. I think we have plenty of time.

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