Linking Annual Pass for Genie+ Bookings

I am trying to link all of my party together for booking DL Genie+ reservations.

I understand at DL it is done by linking tickets and not profiles like at WDW.

My problem is that my sister has an annual pass, and it won’t let me link her pass to may account because the pass is already registered to her (understandably).

Does anyone know if it is possible for a non-passholder to make Genie+ reservations for a passholder?

My sister can link my tickets to her account, I just don’t want to burden her with having to make all of the reservations for the group.

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Oh that’s weird. I’m pretty sure my wife was able to link my AP to her Disneyland app. I mean, you’re not changing the individual it’s assigned to, just making it accessible in their app. :thinking:

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That’s definitely weird because like Jeff and his DW my DH & I have our APs linked to each others accounts. So it’s definitely possible. It could be that maybe having a different address than your sister is throwing up some sort of obstacle? But that would be something new since I’ve never heard of anyone having trouble linking to another account, ticket or pass.

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I called Disney and got it figured out.

My sister is a cast member, and her pass works a little differently. They will issue her a ticket at the gate and we will be able to link that.


Ahhh that does make sense. Glad Disney was able to help you figure it out!