Linking Accounts in MDE for BGs

Hi everyone. I’ve seen this question discussed before but not recently, so hoping to get the latest.

I have an MDE account where I manage my entire party of 3 adults + 4 children. No linking currently.

I want my wife and SIL to be able to apply for a BG with me. Should I just give them my username and password (which I have no problem doing for these two) or should I have them create accounts and link to mine?

All the tickets are already linked under my profile, so I won’t be adding anyone to the party. I just want them to be able to view and make plans for our party. Any thoughts?

It would be great to have separate accounts so I could do different permissions on credit card, etc. But I don’t want to encounter any of the many IT issues that come up with linked accounts!

IT issues with linked accounts sometimes happen when switching from a managed account to a separate one. By all means call to ask IT to do that if you want to, especially if tickets are already linked to their profiles.

However you can definitely give your wife and SIL your sign-in details.

And I don’t think having managed accounts affects CC charging. Go to the front desk and tell them who wants their own card linked to them and they will scan their magic band.

Then you can sort out people who will be charging to your CC. The default seems to be to allow charging but of course they will need the PIN to do so. However you can:

  • deactivate charging altogether for one or more people
  • set a limit for one or more people (that will apply for the length of the reservation
    Again they will scan magic bands.
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Let me see if I understand…my sister and I are traveling in June. Her hotel and tickets are in my account (she has a MDE account but we have not linked and it is my DVC with tickets). I have two options :1. We link our accounts and she would get control (in theory) of her own tickets and she could try OR 2. We can both log into my account from two devices?

I ask because I had issues doing that on my iPad/iphone with FPs.

You had issues logging in to one account from two devices?

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I did with FPs but it might be that the two devices are linked? It completely shut one down.

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I’ll definitely test in advance!

My experience is kinda old, 2019. I loaded all the tickets onto my MDE. Months later, DH, DD, and DS set up their own MDE accounts. I sent them an invitation through MDE to connect. They accepted and their tickets showed up in their own accounts.

I think I knew Disney IT sometimes had trouble with more than one device being logged on to my MDE account at the time. I needed all hands on deck for ADRs, which was 3 AM CA time! As such, everyone got their own MDE accounts and we got all the ADRs we wanted.


Very interested in this as well! People have been saying to have as many in party try to get ROTR BG…but how are people doing more than one login?
I have 5 passes linked (me, DW, 3 kids). Wife just downloaded MDE and doesn’t see how to link.
I shared the plans with her but is something else needed so we can both try for BG’s?

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Go to Friends and Family on MDE
You need to send her an invitation to link with you, using the email she used to set up her MDE account.
Then she accepts the invitation.
And both of you need to tick “share all plans”.


Yes, either should work.

Right up until you said you had problems before. :astonished:

I mean that’s exactly what people have been doing on here since FP+ came in, let alone BGs, all logging on to MDE as Mom or Dad.

Arghhhhh! I have no idea why it didn’t work. Sorry. :pensive:

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Got my wife’s MDE to show all the plans!
Hers tho only has her and me, not the three kids. Hmm. Can all 5 be on both accounts?
How to link kids to wife, or is that a bad idea?

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It sounds to me like this could be an issue. I’ve had weird things happen when I try to use two devices under the same Apple ID for things like messenger. It might wig out.

So she now needs to send an invite to each of the kids using your email, and then you accept each invite.

If your kids are not adults, in My Disney Experience on the website, you should have an option when you click on the kids in your family and friends list to allow your wife to manage their plans that they share with your wife or all plans.

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Feel like I’m getting close here! So the kids are in my MDE. When I click on each kid in the friends and family, it asks to email that kid. Is this where I email my wife?
Underneath it says “if this person accepts, their plans will be transferred to their account. They can view and co-manage these and other plans you make together.”

Technically I’m not emailing the kid. I’m emailing my wife. Seem right?

Goal is both wife and I to have all 5 plans, especially for ROTR queue.

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My friend and I are linked MDE. I’m on iPhone, she’s on Android. We both tried at same time to get BG (last in November; so under current conditions) and no issues with both doing it. We were successful both times.