Linking a new AP

How do you link an AP to the Universal app?


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In the App, go to Profile (lower right corner on the Android app) and then select “Wallet”. From there you can add tickets or your AP. But…keep in mind you can’t do it ahead of time. You have to first pick up and activate it at guest services.


If you are staying at a Universal Hotel each hotel has a “vacation planning” desk in the lobby. They can issue you all your tickets & passes there. I never have any wait. Most people don’t know they are available. The line at Guest Services / Will Call in the parks will be insanely long

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I always think of that as another guest services, but it is good to clarify it since you’re right, it isn’t technically called that.

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They really should call those desks “will call”, “ticketing” or something that helps people understand that it’s not selling timeshares or something.

Hehe. That’s a good point. It’s not like people generally book a stay at a Universal hotel, check-in, then go to the vacation planning desk and go, “Hey. I’d like to plan a Universal vacation with you now.” :slight_smile:


When I first saw them I thought, “Is Universal doing it’s own DVC program or something?”

It’s also odd that a couple hotels have Avis rental car desks too. I never see anyone using them. They’re staffed by one very bored looking Avis employee who is typically just hanging out with the Universal TM…

I watched a YouTube video by a guy who talks about getting deals…and he did one on car rentals. Anyhow, he mentioned that most of the time, you can get a cheaper car rental rate if you do NOT rent directly from the airport. Sometimes it can save you hundreds (if you rent for many days) by just getting an Uber to an off-site car rental place.

So…if you wanted to rent a car for your trip to Universal, it MIGHT be cheaper to fly in, take a shuttle to the resort, and THEN rent your car. But you’re right…I do have to wonder how many people actually take advantage of this.

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