Link Orbitz Hotel Confirmation with Disney Account?

I recently booked a stay at DH at DLR through Orbtiz. In the e-mail I got from Orbitz I got a hotel confirmation number. Does anyone happen to know if I need to link this with my Disney account or am I all set? It’s my first time using Orbitz, and I want to make sure that I’m good to go. (Again, this is for DLR, not WDW, so maybe it isn’t as important to make sure everything’s linked.)

Whenever I think about this question, I’m not in a position to be able to call Disney and for some reason their online chat is rarely available during their listed operating hours.

You need to link the reservation with your MDE account using the Disney confirmation number that Orbitz gave you. It can take a few days for that number to get into Disney’s system, but if it still does not appear when you try to link it then call Orbitz customer support.

I combed through the e-mail I got from Orbitz, but I don’t see a “Disney confirmation number.” There is a hotel confirmation number that is six alpha-numeric characters and an Orbitz booking number that starts with “PBORB-” and then has 10 digits. I also can’t find anything on the Disneyland Web site that will let me link the reservation to my account. Does Disneyland have MDE?

I just took a few minutes and called Disney. They said that there wasn’t a way to link my Orbitz booking with my Disney account but that they could check to see if they had me down for the hotel room. They checked, and I wasn’t in their system yet. I had booked it five days ago and asked if I should give it a couple more days to show up, and I was told to give it a couple more weeks.

Does anyone know if this is normal when booking through Orbitz?

Forgot that you said Disneyland, not Disney World - you can view DL reservations when you sign into using your Disney account, but I don’t think that they link like WDW reservations. Your DL reservation number should be 8 digits, so it doesn’t sound like the hotel confirmation number you were given is it - call Orbitz and see what they have to say about this.

I called Orbitz. They in turn called the DH directly. They said that the DH did have me down for the room and they provided me with a 12-digit confirmation number that they said Disney gave them. I’m all sorts of confused now. :confused: Maybe that would be right, since I didn’t book a vacation package and it’s a hotel reservation. The confirmation numbers for ADRs at WDW are 12 digits, so maybe this is viewed similarly.

Since chat is still not available, I have submitted an e-mail via with the confirmation number I was given to make sure everything is in order.

You don’t need to link anything for DLR. They don’t have MDE or FPP, so no need to link. I have booked DLH and PP with Orbitz, no issues at all.

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Oh, good. Thank you for helping to set my mind at ease.

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