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Decided to book a last minute trip at the end of September and will be bringing my 70 year old mother along. She has mobility issues and we will definitely be renting her a scooter while at Disney. I understand mobility is not a qualifier for DAS, but I’m trying to get more information on which queues she can bring the scooter into and which offer a return time. I’ve seen a lot of conflicting information. Can anyone confirm for me which rides hand out a return time vs which accommodate the scooters in the wait line?

Thank you!

There are issues…

Transfers, can she step out of the scooter, walk a few steps and get into a ride vehicle. Some of the rides require transfers, others have roll on/roll of vehicles available.

The queues. Most can accommodate scooters etc, those that can’t, will have the traditional “wheel chair” sign directing you to an alternate entrance.


Thank you… She can definitely transfer, but standing in line will be hard on her, so leaving the scooter at the entrances by the stroller parking isn’t an option. Are the wheelchair entrances well marked for the rides that cannot accommodate scooters in the queues?

Planning this trip is giving me a greater appreciation for the struggles people with mobility issues live with daily…


I’d suggest going to the front of every attraction and asking if the line will take a scooter. If they need you to transfer they will have wheelchairs there and you can take them over to where you’re parking up for her to get in, same on the way back - she won’t have to walk.


Yes, they are well marked. In the unlikely event that a CM doesn’t see you coming, and wave you in the proper direction, just ask, they will be happy to help.

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AT BTMR they will have you get a return time at the kiosk outside the FP line, (which is similar to the DAS process). Then when you come back she will drive her scooter to the exit, where they will help her and the rest of your party onto the ride.

At Space Mtn they will also issue a return time, and then I believe when she returns they will have her transfer to a manual wheelchair and go through the FP lane (with the rest of the party as well).

At Splash Mountain she will enter the regular line, and then just before the stairs they will divert her and the rest of the party to the exit, where they will help you enter and board the ride.

At IASM they will have her and the rest of the party enter through the exit. Sometimes they issue return times, but most of the time they just let you right in.

At the Buzz ride you will go through the regular line, then just before the moving sidewalk they will take the scooter and you’ll pick it up at the exit. (They can slow down or stop the moving sidewalk for her as needed.)

At the people mover there will definitely be some modifications. I think she might have to just leave the scooter at the bottom of the ramp, and navigate the line/ramp without it? Ask a CM here.

Little Mermaid is similar to Buzz.

7DMT she will navigate the regular line, and then just before the last switchback they will divert her (and the rest of your group).

I can’t think of anything else at MK…

For HS, the only one that made much of a difference was Star Tours… ask a CM here, they might want her to get a return time. Also at Frozen Sing Along they will put her and the whole group in either the front row or the back row. (I did the front last week for the first time ever, and it was amazing!! Highly recommend.)

At AK there are no modifications that I can remember.

At EP: For SE they will have her enter the side of the bldg, under the Epcot ball, and go right to the exit of the ride. They’ll direct you from there. She’ll probably have to park the scooter at the bottom of the ramp and walk up…it’s a super short walk, and they may have a manual wheelchair if she needs to borrow it.

That’s all I can remember of the special modifications at this moment. For most of the rides I didn’t mention, she will just take her scooter right up to the ride, and then transfer into the ride vehicle. The CM’s are soooo good at asking questions and making sure the scooter/wheelchair is in the right place when she gets off the ride. They do a great job at making her feel comfortable and keeping the group together.

Please let me know if you have specific questions about rides I didn’t mention.


I forgot to mention that for the rides that issue the return times, you’ll need to have all of the magic bands or tickets for your group members handy. They’ll need to scan each one.

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Exactly my experience I don’t qualify for DAS because I have mobility issues.
While I don’t use a scooter- I get stopped at any entrance for rides that may have stairs - moving sidewalks to board they usually just ask i need the belt slowed down.

IMO the accessible ride guides maps are difficult to figure out…and have had better understanding reading the unofficial guides ride descriptions.

Pre genie I would be given a paper return time for rides with stairs - like space mountain start tours spaceship earth…small world if it’s really busy. If I had a Fastpass no return time would be given.
Now that DAS is going to digital no idea how it’s gonna work…

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I think we did regular line for most things- its well marked where to go if in Wheelchair or Scooter. Some you transfer to wheelchair, some you go in different entrance. I travelled with 2 people in a scooter in 2020 (pre pandemic). My moms husband who has a bad hip and very bad COPD, did most rides except coasters. (My mom was in the other scooter due to arthritic knees - she did all rides)

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Thank you so much for this information. This is exactly what I was hoping for and will help my obsessive planning. :+1:

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We had DM69 in a wheelchair in June and agree it’s best just to go to the front of the attraction and ask. Put the scooter at the front of your party as you approach (we were gently scolded if we didn’t) and they’re really good about expediting. Sometimes the procedure seemed to change slightly based on CM/current wait time.

In addition to those previously mentioned, for Jungle Cruise they issued us a return time.


First of all ask for a DAS pass tell them that “she has mobility issues and can not wait long periods of time” You might get it or might not I did in 2019. At each entrance as “where is the handicap entrance” (SSE they bring you around back and you get on quick but you do have to walk about 20-30 feet.) I can not help with any of the rollercoaster because I don’t fit on them. The only problem I have ever had was POC you have to transfer to a wheelchair and I had no one who could push me and when I did they did not have large wheelchairs and refused to find one for me even though they do have them around the park,

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I’m happy to assist! My wife has muscular dystrophy and we’re well familiar. In addition to BeckyT13’s EXCELLENT list above, I would add:

MK : Space Mountain runs out of manual wheelchairs regularly. It is a LONG walk to the ride, make sure to wait for one to be available.
Tomorrowland Speedway technically has stairs and a transfer, but getting in and out of those cars can be really difficult, I would not recommend it.

HS : Rise of the Resistance tries to put scooters through the regular queue, but the turns are VERY tight. If your Mother is not used to driving scooters, insist with the CM that she go through the (currently unused) FP line.
Millennium Falcon’s normal line also has very tight turns, but the FP line is excellent, and there are special slow-loading chambers you will end up when she transfers into the ride.

AK : Expedition Everest should load you in through the FP line, and is very comfortable.

EP is the most scooter-friendly park in our experience, it’s always a joy to go through it with the wider walkways and excellent cast members.


I’m going with a scooter for the first time in mid September. If there is anything new to add about the experience I will report here.

Thank you so much for that very helpful information! Kudos to you for helping your wife navigate it all!

That would be greatly appreciated! Thanks and ENJOY your trip!

Did nobody else think that this thread was going to about queuing up with a Muppet??


I will also be doing a trip report if you want to follow along. I don’t know how “live” it will be though. DB & I are going to try not to be on our phones too much during the trip. I will probably do 2-3 updates per day.